A Guide To A Functional Website Design

Establishing a presence in the World Wide Web is so common in today’s generation. Whatever purpose we have in building a website, our main concern is to spread or to inform people about a certain issue or topic. Say in business, it’s to inform people about products and services. Or simply, to cater the needs of the people.

In making a website, it is a must that it has a good web design in order to catch the attention of the browsers. It must be visually appealing and at the same time, functional. Some web owners try so hard on beautifying their websites to the extent that they tend to forget the functionality of the website.

Here are some things to remember on having a functional website design. First, you must set a clear objective for the website. There must be one main goal to fully worked and there may be several goals in which it also complement with the prime one. Assigning clear objective leads to a clear procedure. It makes sure that the website moves towards one clear direction. Second, you must consider your audience. Your audience or target market will determine the success of your website. Do make sure that your website is functional to the needs of the browsers and can be easily accessed by them. Third, you must analyze user requirements. Know what the audience’s or the target market’s wants and needs in order for them to stay longer in your website. They must find the necessary information that they are looking for. Fourth, you must improve the usability. A functional web design relies on the clarity. Do not struggle your browsers. Make sure that they can easily access your website – no hassle and no complications. Last, you must communicate with the users. Communication is important. This is one of the core areas of website functionality. You must make sure that your users are on the right track and that there must be a clear guidance to where to get information. How? by letting them know that they have performed the right action. For instance, if they enter a term in the search box, tell them that the query is being processed. Similarly, when they have made a purchase tell them the order has been registered and so on.

Philippines website design must first think of its functionality then work hard on its visual appearance.

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